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132 posts from: Maarten van Stam

2013 MVP Global Summit Tips IV

(Indexed 2013-02-12):

[Image] So far we have seen in the 2013 MVP Global Summit Tips series what it is in general in Part I, a very important section on how to get around and what to use for transportation when you arrive at the airport in Part II while Part III covered some information about hotels, where to stay and how to get at your locations where the sessions are planned. This section, part IV, is trying to cover some topics around finding your way in your free time. Where to go and maybe get something to eat...(truncated)...

2013 MVP Global Summit Tips III

(Indexed 2013-02-03):

[Image] This week I am giving you the third part of the 2013 MVP Global Summit tips, first for MVPs going there the first time but also for the ones who have been there before and maybe pickup some thing they did not know. Part 1 was more or less an intro and explained my background a bit related to the MVP Global Summit but in Part 2 2013 MVP Global Summit Travel Tips I went over the travel options, especially from the airport to the hotel venues but also pointed you to important things like t...(truncated)...

2013 MVP Global Summit Travel Tips

(Indexed 2013-01-31):

[Image] In my previous 2013 MVP Global Summit Starter post I provided an intro announcing to publish a couple of posts that could be of help to first time MVP Global Summit attendees or maybe even for the other more MVPs. Even I am learning new things each time I fly in. I attended six Summits before this one, the 2013 MVP Global Summit, and I am sure there will again will be something that I didnt know. Today Ill be focusing on the travel part of the Global Summit. Most MVPs probably fly in f...(truncated)...

2013 MVP Global Summit Starter

(Indexed 2013-01-31):

[Image] 2013 will be my 8th year to be awarded as Visual Studio Tools for the Office System Most Valuable Professional (probably the most lengthy MVP title and therefore shortened by the acronym VSTO MVP) and for the 7th time around Ill attend the MVP Summit. In my first year as VSTO MVP, 2006, there wasnt an MVP Summit planned as they just had one in the last months of 2005 and at the time a Summit was held with about one year and a half between each Summit. Accordingly my first Summit was in...(truncated)...

Office templates not available in VS2012 with 'converted' project.

(Indexed 2012-12-22):

[Image] Some time ago I hit a somewhat strange issue where I opened one of our existing projects targeting Office 2010, .NET 4 Client in Visual Studio 2010 and moved this project forward to Visual Studio 2012. After the migration I did not see the Office templates in the Add New Item dialog in Visual Studio 2012. When adding a new item to the project it did not display the Office options to insert a Ribbon for instance: [Image] When you create a -new- project, the Office Templates show up wi...(truncated)...

Visual Studio 2012 Cookbook

(Indexed 2012-12-11):

[Image] One book Ive been reading lately was Visual Studio 2012 Cookbook available from the Packt Library written by Richard Banks also Microsoft Visual Studio ALM MVP. Visual Studio 2012 in itself is big enough to publish a whole range of books on each of the project types it supports and also the IDE has so many features that could be covered in a book. This book did not do that, it especially relates to the new areas in Visual Studio 2012. Despite the fact that I have been working with Vis...(truncated)...

SDN+(plus) Event in Arnhem

(Indexed 2012-12-02):

[Image] Tomorrow morning at our annual December event, December 3rd we are having our extended Dutch Software Development Network event in the real Olympic sportcomplex Papendal next to Arnhem, NL. With speakers like Rockford Lhotka, Shawn Wildermuth, Dick Moffat, Marco Cant, Brian Long and Cary Jensen we managed to get an excellent choice of speakers from all over the place but obviously there are also the Dutch presenters added to that making it all complete with sessions, dinner, networking...(truncated)...

Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 Now Available!

(Indexed 2012-11-26):

[Image] Earlier the Visual Studio team in Redmond announced that as of Visual Studio 2012 their update frequency would go up and planned to release an update with bug fixes but also with new features. By doing so the development team is able to respond in a more dynamic manner to changes in direction and respond to feedback on a shorter notice. This is how they expressed it: Microsoft is planning to update Visual Studio 2012 periodically to provide new and improved tools and capabilities. The...(truncated)...

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

(Indexed 2012-11-24):

[Image] Traditionally in the US stores tend to provide huge discounts on all sorts of stuff that you dont need or dont want to buy. There are however a couple of offers that I dont want to hold back on as I either already use the product or just purchased it myself and think could be a benefit for you as well: Crashplan [Image] The first offer that I just purchased myself is the CrashPlan+ or CrashPlan+ Family Unlimited plan (I purchased the Family plan). It offers you a backup plan in the c...(truncated)...

An update rollup is available for Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime 4.0

(Indexed 2012-11-14):

[Image] Today a rollup update for Visual Studio 2010 for Office Runtime 4.0 that was auto-magically released November 13th has been deployed to (at least one of) my machines. This rollup fixes about four issues with the Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime and one fix in particular of a bug that I found and posted on Connect: We worked close with the VSTO development team to identify and isolate the issue an...(truncated)...

Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools

(Indexed 2012-11-09):

[Image] Remember Visual Studio 2010? Visual Studio 2010 had a couple of Power Tools available that provided you some productivity options that made life within Visual Studio just a little bit better. Some of the tools ended up in the next version (2012) such as the Find option, Solution Navigator and the References Dialog. With Visual Studio we lost some of the options available in the 2010 version. Personally I really liked the Enhanced Scrollbar feature showin a little outline of your source...(truncated)...

WinRT Surfaceexperiences

(Indexed 2012-10-30):

[Image] Today we went over to the Microsoft Store again to review the WinRT Surface device and try it on our own. Tablet Plus The first impression of the Windows RT device is that it is more than just a tablet. As it contains Office 2013 it is also a productivity tool. It is easy to just write a letter, do some spreadsheeting or create a presentation using PowerPoint. Obviously you wont be doing those sort of things by just using a tablet, youll need a tablet++. Weight It is hard to decide w...(truncated)...

Build 2012

(Indexed 2012-08-08):

[Image] Last year I attended Build 2011. It was highly secretive and more or less Apple-ified kind of conference held by Microsoft however this time. No one knew what to expect other than that Microsoft planned to make a big shift in their plans for the upcoming years. As I blogged about it last time, it seemed that Microsoft decided to align all products with the same type of User Interface and able to run on most devices from phones to data servers. One of the big announcements was that Win...(truncated)...

A world with new software and a landing

(Indexed 2012-08-06):

[Image] Last year has been a rollercoaster ride of new beta opportunities in a wide variety of software products. Not one product but the complete line, ecosystem if you like, was going through a huge make-over. Within Microsoft there was finally the decision to align all products and make sure each product is complementing the other. This was something I personally favored for a long time. Instead of having all these products doing their own thing lets have all the tools and applications in ...(truncated)...

Office 15 Technical Preview, Visual Studio Beta, Windows 8 Customer Preview

(Indexed 2012-02-23):

[Image] 2012 is going to be an exciting year where you can expect that your cheese will be moved if you are a Microsoft customer. There hasn't been any word about release planning, roadmaps or whenever what bits will be available to you. What we do know is that a couple of weeks ago the Office Team started their Technical Preview program ( The Customer Preview for Windows 8 is mentioned to be released next week the 29th ...(truncated)...

Axialis brings new set of Ribbon & Toolbar stock icons

(Indexed 2011-10-22):

[Image] If you have been reading my blog before you know Im a big fan of Axialis product IconWorkShop. This tool integrates with Visual Studio and allows you to easily work with your icons in your project. I know from my own experience that creating icons is pretty time consuming (even if you have the option of using great tools as IconWorkShop). To help you in that area Axialis now is providing you with a set of Ribbon and Toolbar stock icons so you can easily match and combine until you ...(truncated)...

Team Foundation Server 2010 on Port 80

(Indexed 2011-07-18):

[Image]Last week I had the situation where we wanted to use Team Foundation Server 2010 but IT locked down most of the required network options. Basically it came down to the fact that only the most basic form of Internet protocols were in place, i.e. http traffic on port 80. First option convince the IT guys to open other ports (8080) on the network. Hmm, tried it, been there, no option. These are the NO-guys! So here we are, we have a Team Foundation Server installer that installs on port 8...(truncated)...

Globalization and Region Locking

(Indexed 2011-03-10):

[Image] Today we live in a world that is getting smaller and smaller by the day. Devices, Internet and travel options make it possible to physically move from one side of the earth to the other in only one day, see what is happening in burning countries like Libya, download software packages within seconds after engaging and fly into space to return only a couple of days later. Innovation is moving fast. There still are however entities trying to pretend this all isnt real and is not happening....(truncated)...

Microsoft MVP Award 2011

(Indexed 2011-01-01):

[Image] I just received an email and I have been awarded the 2011 Microsoft MVP Award:Congratulations! We are pleased to present you with the 2011 Microsoft MVP Award! This award is given to exceptional technical community leaders who actively share their high quality, real world expertise with others. We appreciate your outstanding contributions in VSTO technical communities during the past year.It is always an honour to receive an award like this, very happy with it ... and a very good start o...(truncated)...

Download PDC 2010 Videos and Slides - Update

(Indexed 2010-11-08):

[Image]Breaking News!I just updated the #pdcdownloader tool (see my previous post) to download the PDC 2010 published videos and slides. As Microsoft is in the process of re-encoding/renaming the video files the filters in the old tool stopped working. Anticipating on another change I now added a couple of filter boxes just in case they will change the names again later on.I now also check on the trailing backslash on the output folder that is provided and updated the version number to ...(truncated)...

Download PDC Slides and Videos

(Indexed 2010-11-07):

[Image] @ddoomen just mentioned to me that the #pdcdownloader now failed to download the videos. I checked this out and it appears Microsoft changed the names of the videos invalidating the used filters. The solution is easy ... just change the filters and recompile:Old filters:high.mp4low.mp4high.wmvlow.wmvNew filters:2500k.mp4750k.mp42500k.wmv1000k.wmvAs I'm now in Berlin for the TechEd EMEA 2010 and brought a new machine I first need to get hold of Visual Studio to change the project. Once I ...(truncated)...

Download PDC 2010 Videos and Slides

(Indexed 2010-11-04):

As an update to my previous post I just added some extra stuff and options to my PDC 2010 download tool to make it easier to resume and to avoid downloading files that were already downloaded and a little bit of error handling.[Image] Instead of posting the (still quick and dirty) code I uploaded the little VB.NET project, including a compiled version of the tool here: unpack and run the tool, or adjust it to your liking (and post improvements...(truncated)...

Download PDC 2010 Videos

(Indexed 2010-11-03):

Thanks to work of Bill McCarthy (create video listing) ( and Jim Wooley (create an RSS) ( was able to create a little VB.NET project to download all the PDC 2010 videos to My Videos folder.Simply create new VB Forms project and add a button to the form, double click the button and add code:Public Class Form1 Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal se...(truncated)...

3 MSDN Subscriptions available for SDN Software Development Conferences

(Indexed 2010-09-12):

[Image]October 25 & 26, 2010 we, the Dutch Software Development Network, are organizing for the 19th year the Software Development Conferences, a combined set of conferences with the subjects: .NET, Delphi, SharePoint, Architecture, Core Systems, DotNetNuke and User eXperience.Today we decided to throw in three (3!):"Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN" 12 month subscriptionsThis means we will random select three attendees from the list of registered paying attendees (including the E...(truncated)...

Packt Publishing: 5th Annual Open Source CMS Awards

(Indexed 2010-09-07):

[Image] As I am reading Refactoring with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 I visited the Packt Publishing site to get some background information. On the Packt site I noticed that you can now nominate your favorite Open Source CMS and get them some prices. Nominations are however closing on September 17 so you cant wait too long if youd like to give them your support and nomination!The Open Source Awards is an annual online event held by Packt Publishing to distinguish excellence among Open Source pr...(truncated)...

Tip Word: AutoCorrect Dialog Shortcut

(Indexed 2010-09-02):

[Image] Many things have changed over time. This is also the case for Office applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook and what else is there (The Office System as we know it today is a huge suite of applications and the number of applications available is depending on the SKU home, professional, business).One of the things changed is that the toolbars and menus have changed into the Fluent UI also known as The Ribbon. Some applications (Word, Excel) moved to The Ribbon with version 2007, other...(truncated)...

Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 1 arrived today!

(Indexed 2010-08-18):

You thought you could end the year sitting on your *ss behind and slowly do the things you do to end the year without efforts? Wrong! Today the first beta release of LightSwitch is available on MSDN and now you will learn what this new ultimate secret project from the Microsoft labs is that they kept a secret for the past few years.LightSwitch is a tool to build your data-driven applications incredible easy. It generates your user interface in Silverlight and with no coding it creates your appli...(truncated)...

Older Windows versions move out of support

(Indexed 2010-03-18):

[Image] Today I received the message that several of the Windows products are about to become unsupported. So just to inform you and make sure you are in a supported scenario I'd like to share the information with you. Get the service packs you need and make sure you are covered!Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 2000 Server are approaching 10 years since their launch and both products will go out of support on July 13, 2010.Windows XP was launched back in 2001. While support for the product ...(truncated)...

Have something to share? Our magazine is looking for your content ...

(Indexed 2010-01-24):

[Image]For 2010 we (the magazine team on the Software Development Network, Dutch developer user group) decided that it would be a good thing to bring the pedal to the floor and speed up with our magazine.In previous years we provided four magazines distributed to our user group member delivered by mail (handed over by the mailman). Four magazines in a year will bring only one magazine in about 13 weeks. For the world we live in we thought this to be a tad too slow.These days we are seeing a burs...(truncated)...

Free SharePoint 2010 eMagazine

(Indexed 2010-01-18):

[Image] The Dutch Information Workers Usergroup (DIWUG) powered by the Dutch Software Development Network (SDN) has published an SharePoint eMagazine free for download.A free magazine for IT-Pro's, Developers and End (power) Users and available in two versions where one is optimized to read in eReaders. Have Fun and let me know what you like or don't like in the magazine.[Image]

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

(Indexed 2009-10-31):

About two weeks ago I did some presentations at the Nationale Office Dag 2009 to show some tips and trips on Word, Excel and Outlook.One of the tips in the Word presentation was how to create a stack of dummy text in order to check out your document layout by using the Rand feature.To test this, just open up a document and start typing =rand(3,5) without the quotes and hit enter. Now youll notice that your document is provided with a bit of random text over 3 paragraphs containing 5 sentences.To...(truncated)...

Holiday season slowly fades away

(Indexed 2009-08-23):

Its been a while since I updated my blog. Not that I didnt want to but I simply was too busy doing other things. Remember we had to explore several upcoming products, learn new stuff (and I didnt even get a chance to learn the -old- stuff!). Some of the products that are can be researched: Windows 7 (RTM already), R2 servers, Office 2010, Visual Studio 2010, Silverlight 3, the Expression Products and lot, lot, lot lot more where that came from!My main focus for the next few months will be on Of...(truncated)...

The 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 2 (SP2)

(Indexed 2009-04-29):

[Image]Just while I'm in Redmond to discuss the next version of Office, Office 2010, the second service pack for Office 2007 came available for download.So if you think you found some bugs in Office 2007 SP1 or earlier, install Service Pack 2 to check if your issues have gone away.The 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 2 (SP2)From my own experience I know that at least the performance improved a lot for Outlook. And that alone for me is a reason to install the Service Pack without delay.Is...(truncated)...

Microsoft Office Outlook Connector 12.1

(Indexed 2009-04-04):

[Image] I always seem to have trouble getting the right Office Outlook Connector. I recently bought a new machine and for now I am test driving Windows 7 on this machine to see how it serves my needs for my daily home stuff to experience what the average end user is experiencing. The downside is of course that everything I used to use had to be reinstalled but get the benefit of having a clean and fast machine in return.Back to the connector. When I look for the latest download I end up on sever...(truncated)...

VSTO 3.0 for Office 2007 Programming Sample Chapter

(Indexed 2009-04-03):

[Image] Early this year I reviewed a new book on VSTO development for beginning and intermediate Office developers and only a week or so the book VSTO 3.0 for Office 2007 Programming was released to print and published. The book is written by Vivek Thangaswamy who besides writing is also awarded Microsoft MVP in the expertise area of SharePoint Server, close related to the topic of his new book.The book explains how to start developing Office 2007 applications using VSTO 3.0. With step by step e...(truncated)...


(Indexed 2009-04-02):

[Image] Just got the announcement ok, ok, ok it was someone Tweeting on Twitter pointing out to me that SharePoint Designer 2007 can be downloaded for FREE as of April 1st (And it appears NOT to be a joke!). How is that for an economic crisis.Now, if you want it, go out there and get it from: reason for all of this is to is explained by Tom Rizzo:Video of SharePoint Designer 2007 FAQ (82.9MB)Video of SharePoint Designer 200...(truncated)...

Reset Word - The hard way

(Indexed 2009-03-17):

[Image] I had some issues with one of my Word 2007 installations. It was hanging and Word Options only the Popular options were available. Starting it in safe mode helped but was no solution to the issue.I found a web page with a description covering the issue completely: short, resetting some registry items solved the issue.Go to: CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Office/WordModify Addins -> oldAddinsGo to: CURRENT_USER/Software/Mi...(truncated)...

Starting Word in Safe mode and other switches

(Indexed 2009-03-16):

[Image]Reminder to self:To start Microsoft Word in Safe mode just use the /safe (how could anyone forget about this?)I had to recover from a scenario where I was locked inside Word when opening an existing document. It tried to recover some old invalid stuff but that somehow locked my application. Starting the application with the /safe flag helped and enabled me to work around this issue.There are several more parameters that can be used with Word. Read about it in this document: http://office...(truncated)...

Microsoft Office 14 not this year

(Indexed 2009-02-26):

[Image] According to information on Foleys blog Steve Ballmer said during his annual Strategic Update briefing with Wall Street analysts that Office 14 wont be shipping in 2009.One of the reason to this would be the option to release it at the same time as SharePoint Server 14.So what is the impact of all of this? Lets look ahead and see what is up to be released in the upcoming year and beyond this year:- Windows 7 - Windows Azure - Server 2008 R2 - Office 14 - Office 14 Server / SharePoint Ser...(truncated)...

Why Steven Sinofsky provides no interim builds

(Indexed 2009-02-23):

[Image] Right now there is a big buzz in testers-world. If you do some searching on the web and you can find several examples of it. Testers are all awaiting interim builds at a higher rate but are not provided with any. Not for Windows 7, Office 14 and Dev14's (Visual Studio) CTP expired somewhere early this year. Ok, ok for Windows 7 there is one build where testers can work on. There appears to be some anger around as there are more assumed pirated interim builds around than builds provided t...(truncated)...

Microsoft 2.0 (part II)

(Indexed 2009-01-31):

[Image] A couple of weeks ago I finally finished reading Mary Jo Foleys book on Microsoft (Is there anything else she is working on besides Microsoft at all?) with the main title Microsoft 2.0 celebrating the season holidays.Looking back at my initial posting at the time that I just bought the book I noticed that the blog item was posted somewhere in May 2008. It apparently took me se7en (yes, I watched a rerun of the movie yesterday again ) months to complete.Not that I need seven months to fi...(truncated)...

Happy New Year, MVP and 2009 forecasting

(Indexed 2009-01-01):

[Image] First let me wish to everybody who reads this blog a happy New Year. 2009 will be another year where technology will be more complex and more new technologies will be released to public. It will also be a year where businesses will continue struggling with the economic crisis that last year started to emerge all over the world and showing its effects everywhere in 2009. Auto industries already announced to shutdown the factories for an extra couple of weeks to reduce the number of cars c...(truncated)...

Tools that I Use - SnagIt

(Indexed 2008-12-08):

[Image] Last friday we celebrated Sinterklaas with the family (somewhat similar to Santa Claus, but Sinterklaas is on December 5th) unpacking presents and gifts so I didnt get around the second tool that I use. But here it is:The one on my top list to use is SnagIt by TechSmith. It is software to capture your screen (or scanner, or ) but it can do a lot more than just capture screens and it has lots and lots of options to edit the captured image to use for many purposes.I use it for a lot of thi...(truncated)...

Tools that I use Axialis IconWorkshop

(Indexed 2008-11-28):

[Image] High on my to do list is making a list of tools and applications that I use all the time to either develop my applications or to be more productive on the computer(s) that I use for both personal use or work. Is there a differentiation between both? I really cant tell how bad is that?My personal reason for making such a list is that I always have to go out and search for the tools over and over again when I re-image my machine. Over time I plan to get a complete list with all the tools ...(truncated)...

SQL Compact privately installed and VSTO

(Indexed 2008-11-04):

[Image]I just created (well been messing around for a week now with various parts of that installer) an installer for a VSTO project privately installing the compact dlls. Everything fine until I deploy to this clean machine and the customized vsto document in a different location than the .vsto manifest (and the rest of the dlls). In that case you get the darn "Unable to load sqlceme35.dll" crash. I tested this and one solution is to move the dlls to a location that can be found in the system p...(truncated)...

Where is VSTO?

(Indexed 2008-10-03):

[Image] To celebrate the 10th anniversary Google decided to put the oldest internet index online from their archives: for the fun I entered VSTO in the search box and it wouldnt be a surprise to see that there was no subject related to the VSTO subject as we know it today (AKA Visual Studio Tools for the Office System). VSTO started to see the light only a short time after that year. Today I get 1,150,000 hits for the same search query right now on the t...(truncated)...

Software Development Conference 2008

(Indexed 2008-09-20):

[Image]In about two weeks already we managed to schedule an new Software Development Conference. Our community group ( puts a lot of effort yearly in arranging a two day conference where we try to invite high tech international speakers to do their top sessions here in the Netherlands. No need to travel cross-Atlantic or to Spain ... it's right there for the Dutch developer community in the Netherlands! (That's in West-Europe, if you are not familiar with the country)As the conference...(truncated)...

Office Open XML (OOXML) is now officially an ISO standard.

(Indexed 2008-08-16):

[Image] The ISO organization announced in its press release that despite of appeals OOXML now is an official standard.Press release: two ISO and IEC technical boards have given the go-ahead to publish ISO/IEC DIS 29500, Information technology Office Open XML formats, as an ISO/IEC International Standard after appeals by four national standards bodies against the approval of the document failed to garner sufficient support.So the appe...(truncated)...

How to find SP1 changed features for Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 SP1

(Indexed 2008-08-14):

[Image] If you are curious to find out what is updated in Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 SP1 there is an easy search 'trick' you can use within the online MSDN library documentation.What you can do is go to the MSDN pages at there you enter in the right top search box (the one that said Search MSDN with Live Search:"SP1 feature change."The reason is that in the MSDN library the Service Pack 1 documentation is marked with a change remark on ...(truncated)...

Lost my notebook ... and Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 + .NET 3.5 Service Pack 1 released

(Indexed 2008-08-11):

[Image] Today my vacation came to an end. Due to the SLA I agreed on with my wife I had to store my work-notebook three weeks ago and had to promise not to use that ... or otherwise a divorce would be filed. So that was that. I survived, as you noticed, but when I wanted to use my notebook today I totally forgot where I stored the machine ... I stored it in a safe place before hitting the road but forgot about it so my day started with a search for my machine. Of course it was in a complete obvi...(truncated)...

Open XML Format SDK

(Indexed 2008-06-13):

[Image]A couple of days ago the Open XML Format SDK was posted on Microsofts download site: this SDK you get a set of strongly typed part classes for use with Open XML documentsHere's more info:

DevDays 2008 Overview

(Indexed 2008-05-24):

[Image] DevDays 2008 (and GeekNight 2008) is new behind us now. It turned out to be an excellent developer event, a -mini TechEd- as I heard someone say.The two days were covered with great sessions and great names. Steve Riley for one, with his famous talks on security (it needed an update for the -new- languages, but the basic message is still valid), didn't even appear on TechEd 2007 EMEA Developers but did appear at the second DevDays day.A DevDays overview including several video impression...(truncated)...

Geek Night is behind us, tomorrow DevDays part 2

(Indexed 2008-05-22):

[Image] Today DevDays part 1 and Geek Nigh took place. The DevDays event is really getting bigger over the years. I heard someone say in a video that it was a 'mini-TechEd' and I think he was right.The amount of sponsor stands is huge this year. Everywhere you look there are stands doing business and handing out swag. Sadly enough I don't have time to collect swag items :-) I run from session to session learning great things, boy there are so many technologies out in the open right now that it i...(truncated)...

Microsoft Expands List of Formats Supported in Microsoft Office

(Indexed 2008-05-21):

Hot news from the press ...REDMOND, Wash. May 21, 2008 Microsoft Corp. is offering customers greater choice and more flexibility among document formats, as well as creating additional opportunities for developer and competitors, by expanding the range of document formats supported in its flagship Office productivity suite.The 2007 Microsoft Office system already provides support for 20 different document formats within Microsoft Office Word, Office Excel and Office PowerPoint. With the release...(truncated)...

Tomorrow: DevDays 2008 - Amsterdam

(Indexed 2008-05-21):

[Image]Tomorrow (May 22) and Friday (May 23) DevDays 2008 is hosted in the RAI, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Two days of technical developer sessions and a Geek Night in between. The DevDays event is an event where you get two days packed with sessions and other presentations the latest news on Microsoft technologies and developments in that area.There will be some great presenters there at your service. How about Ingo Rammer doing his famous debugging sessions, Rafal Lukawiecki who is always cap...(truncated)...

Create a GUI interface Using Visual Basic

(Indexed 2008-05-20):

[Image] Crime labs are using advanced tools to solve the mysteries of crime.CSI New York, if we may believe television, is using Visual Basic for that purpose! And why not ... the villain in the end is arrested thanks to these great tools of modern society :-)Looking at a big screen showing a victim posting a blog, they noticed that it did not happen in real time. So one of the crime lab experts came up with a great solution:"I'll Create A GUI Interface Using Visual Basic, See If I Can Track An ...(truncated)...

Microsoft 2.0

(Indexed 2008-05-15):

[Image]Today I received the book that I bought at Amazon last week written by Mary Jo Foley on "How Microsoft Plans to Stay Relevant in the Post-Gates Era". The main title of the book is Microsoft 2.0. While I was buying the book I decided to buy two more books, VSTO and Office development related, from Amazons 'used & new' service. Three great books for only a small amount of Euro's. Half of the price did go to shipping the books but compared to Dutch pricing still very cheap. I love the US $/E...(truncated)...

Visual Studio 2008 and .NET FX 3.5 SP1 Beta available now

(Indexed 2008-05-12):

[Image] It was originally planned for last friday, but to hold back the pressure for the support team to enjoy Whitsun and Mother's Day, it was rescheduled to today.The Service Pack 1 beta (remember its still the beta!) for Visual Studio 2008 and .NET FX 3.5 is officially announced at Somasegar's WeblogYou can find the downloads over here:Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 BetaandMicrosoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service pack 1 BetaFor me the Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 is an important...(truncated)...

Microsoft Withdraws Proposal to Acquire Yahoo!

(Indexed 2008-05-04):

[Image] Corp. (NASDAQ: MSFT) today announced that it has withdrawn its proposal to acquire Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO).The press release comes with a letter from Steve Ballmer to Mr. Jerry Yang, explaining why there is no deal.Personally I don't mind withdrawing as, besides the fact that Yahoo! is big, I don't think Yahoo! is getting much exposure. There are a couple of services that I use from Yahoo! but these services all hav...(truncated)...

Networking, Presentations, Socializing ... Interesting

(Indexed 2008-04-16):

[Image]Third day of the MVP Summit already! It appears to be a very productive trip. It is not so much the information that we get that makes these trips worthwile but especially the networking, the socializing and meeting people is making the difference of being at home behind your mail, IM and talking face to face to someone.Somehow when you have a one on one discussion all sort of subjects are talked about that you most likely miss when using the mail. IM is a little better as you get a respo...(truncated)...

Preparing for travel

(Indexed 2008-04-12):

[Image] Do you know that feeling? Tomorrow you'll have to fly and leave home for about a week (what's a week anyway - it's gone befory you know it) and you get the feeling that you have to finish all sorts of jobs, projects, administrations, organize paperworks and the lot.Somehow you want to leave all your stuff behind in a decent nice looking state so when you'll return you think that you get back into a tidy organized structure without any stress at all. Well get what? Wrong!In the week when ...(truncated)...

OfficeZealot refurbished

(Indexed 2008-03-05):

[Image]As you may have noticed, OfficeZealot has changed. The speakTech team updated the Zealot site and moved things to SharePoint.All sorts of new stuff is used. Things like Silverlight, Flash Rotator, Community Server Integration and List Web Parts.I hope you like the new look and feel, enjoy![Image]

VSTO PowerTools Documentation

(Indexed 2008-02-25):

[Image]If you are struggling to get the VSTO PowerTools to work make sure that you go and read the documents placed in the installation directory (C:Program FilesMicrosoft VSTO Power Tools 1.0). I don't think I was given the option to select a directory so it is most likely the documents are in that location on your drive too.Each of the tools is provided with a document explaining what the tools are for and how and where to get them to work for you. At first I missed a pointer to this directory...(truncated)...

Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Office System Power Tools v1.0.0.0

(Indexed 2008-02-21):

[Image]Today a set of 9 powertools are released for download: get tired of typing all the 'missing' parameters when developing Office applications in C#? If that is the case make sure you download these tools to solve this and other productivity tools to make Office development a bit easier ....ToolDescriptionType of ToolOpen XML Package EditorA graphical treeview-based editor for examining and editing Open XML Package files (in...(truncated)...

Dreamspark - Free Microsoft software for students

(Indexed 2008-02-19):

[Image]Microsoft created a new student initiative called DreamSpark where students are able to download Microsoft developer and design tools at no charge. In order to get the software the student is asked to establish or verify the student status every 12 months.Some of the software packaged available for download will be:Visual Studio 2008 Professional EditionExpression StudioSQL Server 2005 Developer EditionWindows Server 2003 Standard EditionXNA Game Studio 2.0Visual Studio 2005 Professional ...(truncated)...

ODC2008 Videos - Office Developer Heroes

(Indexed 2008-02-16):

[Image] At the ODC2008 a couple of funny videos did show on the big screens between the keynote speeches:Video: ODC2008 User Experience Person Video: ODC2008 VBA Macro Guy Video: ODC2008 Swag Guy Video: ODC2008 Architect Guy Video: ODC2008 Developer Guy[Image]

Office Developer Conference 2008 Day 1

(Indexed 2008-02-12):

[Image]Bill Gates, chairman of the Microsoft Corp, opened the Office Developer Conference here in San Jose by first showing his 'last day at the office' video. After the video he talked about Office. I was again surprised about the level of detail in his talk and answering all kind of technical questions in the QA half hour after the speech.After the Gates keynote two more keynote sessions followed, one from Kurt Delbene (Corporate Vice President Office Business Platform Group) and another from ...(truncated)...

Office Developer Conference 2008 - Preconference Sessions

(Indexed 2008-02-11):

[Image]The Pre-Conference sessions at the Microsoft Office System Developer Conference 2008 in San Jose are now behind us. For me there was not much new here for this first day as the sessions I had scheduled (a subject I knew nothing about so I was looking forward to that) were dropped and decided to 'refresh' things and moved over to the Office 2007 developer 101 by Wouter van Vught en Ted Pattison.[Image]

Yahoo! Download your Microsoft VSTO Runtime 3.0 today!

(Indexed 2008-02-02):

[Image]February 1st Microsoft announced that they proposed acquisition of Yahoo! for $31 per share, a transaction valued at approximately $44.6 billion in cash and stock that provides 62 percent premium to current trading price for Yahoo! shareholders, but that's not the most important news.What's more important () is that the Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for the Office System Runtime version 3.0 is available for download. You now can download the installer and update the client machine by your...(truncated)...

RibbonX, Customizing the Office 2007 Ribbon

(Indexed 2008-01-25):

[Image]Today I received a copy of the new book from Robert Martin, Ken Puls, Teresa Hennig on customizing the Office 2007 Ribbon. What else could the title of the book be: RibbonX: Customizing the Office 2007 Ribbon.First impression is that it is an excellent book for everyone who wants to know all about how to handle your RibbonX works for Excel, Access and Word. I wish I had this book a half year earlier when I worked on updating our Office 2003/XP documents and templates to Office 2007/Vista....(truncated)...

Happy New Year, MVP and crashed server ...

(Indexed 2008-01-02):

First let me wish everybody who reads this a happy New Year. 2008 will be another year where technology will be more complex and to be an expert in your area you have to keep up with the technologies even faster than last year.With the New Year for me there was also the MVP renewal letter inform me that I was re-awarded as Most Valuable Professional and therefore receiving the Microsoft MVP award for the third year in a row for doing a great job in serving the community by helping out on forums ...(truncated)...

Office 2007 Service Pack 1 available

(Indexed 2007-12-12):

[Image] As I announced in my previous blog item Microsoft released the Office 2007 Service Packs (Both for client and server software) December 11 2007.If you go to the Microsoft Download site you can find all installers available: others there are: The 2007 Microsoft Office Suite Service Pack 1 (SP1)andThe 2007 Microsoft Office Servers Service Pack 1 (SP1)Have fun![Image]

Be prepared for Office 2007 Service Pack 1

(Indexed 2007-12-06):

[Image]The deployment machine at Microsoft is working full throttle. We already received the RTM version for Visual Studio 2008, Service Packs for the .NET frameworks and now Microsoft announced to have planned to deploy the Office 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1) next week on December 11th 2007. The service packs will be available for both the client as the server software. [Image]

My favorite TechEd 2008 session online

(Indexed 2007-12-02):

[Image] I think this year TechEd Developers - EMEA (Barcelona) excelled by having great sessions, great content, and lots of information. It is most likely that this happened because it also was the TechEd where Visual Studio 2008 was announced by Microsoft to be released before the end of November (and in fact when you read this now, it is already released and available for MSDN Subscribers). There was a high number of representatives from a lot of the program groups and many developers from th...(truncated)...

Visual Studio 2008 Arrived!

(Indexed 2007-11-19):

[Image] It's there! Today Visual Studio 2008 is released and arrived at the MSDN download sites for MSDN Subscriptions. It was announced only two weeks ago that Visual Studio 2008 would be released to MSDN before the end of November. And guess what? It is an early release as it is ready for download today November 19.I am downloading it right now and will blog about the new VSTO features in the next couple of days, weeks and months.Newsflash! Update:The Visual Studio 2008 Express Editions are al...(truncated)...

Visual Studio 2008 available in November

(Indexed 2007-11-05):

[Image]Soma Somasegar, Vice President of Microsofts Developer Devision just announced at the Europe TechEd, Barcelona, that Visual Studio 2008 is planned to be released in November from this year!Previously I announced that the launch date for Visual Studio 2008 is in november together with SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 so that is a lot earlier than expected.So be prepared for the next version of Visual Studio real soon[Image]

VPC Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 expires early

(Indexed 2007-10-27):

[Image]Yesterday I received information that there was a timing issue in the VS2008 Beta 2 VPCs. The effect of this timing issue is that the VPC will expire early and that is only in a couple of days from now on Thursday, November 1. The VPC expires at the operating system level and that makes it impossible to extend the timeout period for the VPC. This is important because if you have information stored in the Team Foundation Server you need to move forward it is recommended that you backup the...(truncated)...

Excel 2007 hotfix package available

(Indexed 2007-10-11):

[Image] You can now download fixes for the Excel bug that was in all the media a few weeks ago. The bug showed an incorrect answer in calculations, presenting 100,000 instead of 65,535. Microsoft published a couple of fixes for Excel en the Excel Services. In the end the fixes are planned to be added to Office SP1. The releasedate for SP1 is not yet available but here are the files you need to fix the bug.Excel 2007: 6...(truncated)...

Back to the future...

(Indexed 2007-09-28):

[Image] Last week after save landing from my trip to Redmond where I had a developer meeting, there was no time to waste. A couple of tools written in VBA (macros) and some shared add-ins written in VB6 didn't look that great in Office 2007/Vista environment and being the 'Office Dev Nerd' I was asked to do the big make-over and fix the tools by adding nice looking Ribbons.So I really plunged back into the future here. Back to Visual Basic 6, a tool released mid 1998, and add Ribbon technology f...(truncated)...

Holidays are over, back to work

(Indexed 2007-08-27):

I had three weeks of quality time with my wife and kids. As I'm normally spending almost all of my time in front of my computer screen the SLA (Service Level Agreement) with the family required me to stay away from the computer and do some fun things with the family. And I did ... we did some camping and did rollercoaster rides in a few amusement parks. And what about ... all you can eat french fries and ice. Well, that's behind us now.... and back to work.The last months of the year will be a h...(truncated)...

Reminder to self, Ribbon Support Intellisense in VSTO 2005 SE.

(Indexed 2007-07-24):

[Image] I had to do some development to move an old addin over from Office 2003 to Office 2007 and that is why I needed to edit the Ribbon XML in VSTO 2005 SE (don't forget to update). Well, doing that without the Intellisense support is a tough one to call. So a reminder to self because I keep forgetting how to get Ribbon XML Intellisense working in VSTO 2005 SE with a fresh install:Copy the file program filesmicrosoft visual studio 8XmlSchemas1033CustomUI.xsd to the folder program filesmicroso...(truncated)...

Visual Studio Tools for the Office System Second Edition Update

(Indexed 2007-07-23):

[Image] If you are developing addins for Office 2003 and you are in Vista this may be for you.QuoteThis update fixes an issue in add-in development for Microsoft Office 2003 using VSTO 2005 SE on Windows Vista.During the development of Windows Vista, several key investments were made to vastly improve overall quality, security, and reliability from previous versions of Windows. While we have made tremendous investments in Windows Vista to ensure backward compatibility, some of the system enhance...(truncated)...

VSTO Beta Hands-on Labs are Live on MSDN

(Indexed 2007-07-18):

[Image] Just a quick note to let you know that the VSTO team published four new VSTO Beta hands-on labs to MSDN: MSDN Virtual Lab: Building Custom Office Applications Using Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Part 1 - Data Binding with Word Content Controls MSDN Virtual Lab: Building Custom Office Applications Using Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Part 2 - Create an Outlook Add-in with a Form Region MSDN Virtual Lab: Buil...(truncated)...

Windows Home Server RTM

(Indexed 2007-07-17):

[Image] Read all about it:Windows Home Server moved from Beta to RTMI am always between two scenarios, maintaining my servers at home to keep up with technology and learn how things work to use in my daily professional work. The software you write always interacts with the platform(s) and network it is installed on so you better know what it is and how it works. And yes ... there is the family at home who don't (want to) know all of this but do complain when the pictures, music and scanned docum...(truncated)...

Preparing SharePoint Server 2007 Workflow Demo Environment - 10 - Configure SQL Server

(Indexed 2007-06-24):

[Image] Configure SQL Server to be used in the VPC Today I add the next section in my series to create a SharePoint VPC. In this blogitem we configure SQLServer to be used in the VPC to make it run smoothly as can be.In the SQL Server 2005 Surface Area Configuration Dialog click the Surface Area Configuration for Services and Connections link[Image] Select Service from the tree on you left hand and make sure the Startup type is set to Automatic. Click Apply.[Image] Next select Remote Connections...(truncated)...

Preparing SharePoint Server 2007 Workflow Demo Environment - 9 - Install SQL Server

(Indexed 2007-06-17):

[Image] Add SQLServer to the VPC Today I add the next section in my series to create a SharePoint VPC. In this blogitem we add SQLServer to the VPC to make it run as a database server.Run SQL Server Setup from your installation media.Accept the User License Agreement and click Next to continue[Image] Click Install to install the Prerequisites.[Image] After the Prerequisites are installed click Next to continue.[Image] The system is checked for its configuration.[Image] Click Next to continue on ...(truncated)...

Surprise presentation at DevDays 2007 NL

(Indexed 2007-06-13):

[Image] Today I went to DevDays 2007 here in Amsterdam, the Netherlands where I live to meet Mike Hernandez and talk to him some more about VSTO. Mike was scheduled to do three presentations at the Dutch DevDays 2007 conference:Overview Visual Studio Tools for OfficeVisual Studio Tools for Office a roadmap for the futureOverview of Visual Studio Tools for Office 'Orcas' For the second session (all descriptions on the links are in Dutch) Mike unexpectedly asked me to make his second presentation ...(truncated)...

Preparing SharePoint Server 2007 Workflow Demo Environment - 8 - Add POP Services

(Indexed 2007-06-09):

[Image] Add POP Services to the VPC Today I add the next section in my series to create a SharePoint VPC. In this blogitem we add POP services to the VPC to enable mail actions on the server without installing the full blown Exchange Server. First start the "Manage Your Server" console. Click Add or remove a role in the Manage Your Server Roles section. [Image] Click Next to continue. [Image] Select Mail Server (POP3, SMTP) and Click Next to continue. [Image] As we created an Active Directory VP...(truncated)...

Open XML Formats SDK Tech Preview

(Indexed 2007-06-05):

[Image]By now it is blogged at various places and the announcement at TechEd 2007 USA hit the internet big. In my opinion the announcement was too important to skip in my own blog. I've seen the first previews for the Open XML Formats SDK in an Office 14 meeting a couple of months ago and that looked really promising and a real improvement for solutions using the Open XML File Format. Instead of having to parse through the XML File Format at a very low level the SDK will provide strongly typed p...(truncated)...

Reawarded MVP!

(Indexed 2007-01-01):

Today a year ago I was first awarded as Most Valuable Professional in the expertise "Visual Developer - VSTO" by Microsoft and today I was reawarded ![Image]What is an MVP? Microsofts Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) are recognized, credible and accessible individuals with expertise in one or more Microsoft products who actively participate in online and offline communities to share their knowledge and expertise with other Microsoft customers. Customers want an enriched pool of knowledge and r...(truncated)...

Try now!

(Indexed 2006-12-01):

You heard a lot about the new releases concerning Office 2007, and now you want to see it for yourself don't you. Well Ok, you can.... Microsoft is providing you the software to try the product(s) for 60 days with full functionality. The products available for trial:- Microsoft Office 2007 Professional- Microsoft Office Small Business 2007- Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007- Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2007- Microsoft Office Groove 2007- Microsoft Office OneNote 2007- Microsof...(truncated)...

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats

(Indexed 2006-11-24):

What if you work with Office 2003 and you receive a document originated from Word, Excel or Powerpoint 2007? Do you need to upgrade? Is the document a no-no for you? Can it be opened by Office 2003? No! You'll need the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats ! Get it here: Overview: By installing the Compatibility Pack in addition to Microsoft Office 2000, Office XP, or Off...(truncated)...

Office 2007 does not support upgrading from a prerelease version

(Indexed 2006-11-13):

If you encountered this error while you tried to install Office 2007:“Setup is unable to proceed due to the following error(s):The 2007 Microsoft Office system does not support upgrading from a prerelease version of the 2007 Microsoft Office system. You must first uninstall any prerelease versions of the 2007 Microsoft Office system products and associated technologies. Correct the issue(s) listed above and re-run setup.“You may be helped with this Knowledge Base article (927222) tha...(truncated)...

TechEd Barcelona - Day 1

(Indexed 2006-11-06):

Today the TechEd Barcelona starts with the pre-conference sessions. One of the tracks is the “Visual Studio Tools for Office” - “Everything in one day” track. The speakers of that track are: Eric Carter, Mario Szpuszta and Martin Sawicki. I'm still in doubt, should I go to these sessions, or go to the 'new' Framework 3.0 sessions. I'm familiar with the topics that the VSTO team will show, but they also will announce the VSTO 2005 SE release. Maybe I just walk in and have...(truncated)...

TechEd Barcelona Day 2 - Announcement VSTO 2005 SE

(Indexed 2006-11-06):

Today, the big bang, Vista, Office 2007 and VSTO 2005 SE are released RTM! I want to focus on the last product as Vista and Office 2007 are already covered by various other sources and VSTO is more or less my thing. Microsoft announced the availability of this release earlier today to the public in the United States (November 6th) at the Dev Connections Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, and to the European public at Tech Ed Europe in Barcelona, Spain. If you want to go ahead and use it, it is ava...(truncated)...

One day to TechEd Barcelona

(Indexed 2006-11-05):

Tomorrow TechEd Barcelona starts. One of the announcements will be the release of VSTO 2005 SE (aka Cypress). It turned out that there is no registration at Sunday, so have to wait until Monday. Thats no loss as it seemed that the sessions will start at 12:00. [Image]

VSTO 2005 Second Edition formerly known as Cypress

(Indexed 2006-10-23):

Being very busy using, testing, trying the overflow of current beta's, ctp's and release candidates that are now available I almost forget to remember that I have a blog to run too. There are the RC's for Office 2007 and Vista, CTP's for Orcas and lots more where that came from. Besides that there is the work I have to do to keep the lights burning, the house warm and the food on the table. And oh, there are the community activities like reading and posting answers to the forums that I live in l...(truncated)...

Microsoft Pre-release Software Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" - September Community Technology Preview (CTP)

(Indexed 2006-09-29):

Do you want to create document level customizations for Office 2007 using Visual Studio Tools For the Office System? Stop what you are doing, and download: Microsoft Pre-release Software Visual Studio Code Name "Orcas" - September Community Technology Preview (CTP) . OverviewVisual Studio Code Name "Orcas" delivers on Microsoft’s vision of smart client applications by enabling developers to rapidly create connected applications that deliver the highest quality rich user experiences. This ...(truncated)...

Whidbey, Cypress, Orcas, White Rabbit

(Indexed 2006-09-22):

2 new videos appeared on Channel9: They are about ehhrmmm ....Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the 2007 Office System (What's in a name...) and VSTO 2005 SE Beta. If you like codenames be sure you don't miss this! First interview, with TQ and the other one with Martin Sawicki [Image]

TechEd 2006 Developers Europe

(Indexed 2006-09-17):

Last week we made arrangements to attend the TechEd Europe 2006. This year the TechEd is changed a little bit. Originally the TechEd was planned to be held at the RAI Conference Centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands but was last minute rescheduled to Barcelona and merged with the IT Forum conference. For me this meant that instead of driving to the TechEd and sleeping at home I now have to fly to Spain and sleep in some Spanish hotel at night. This doubled the budget needed to attend the conferen...(truncated)...

Announcing VSTO 2005 SE Beta Release (a.k.a. Cypress)

(Indexed 2006-09-14):

Microsoft announced the beta release of Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the 2007 Microsoft Office System (Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office Second Edition Beta, or VSTO 2005 SE Beta for short), a fully-supported, free add-on to Visual Studio 2005 that empowers developers to build applications targeting the 2007 Microsoft Office system. The VSTO 2005 SE Beta will be available in a coordinated release with the 2007 Office beta 2 refresh.The 2007 Office system is a powerful development platform upon...(truncated)...

Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS

(Indexed 2006-09-10):

After several legal acts initiated by Adobe the new Office 2007 feature “Save as PDF” was withdrawn from the product. However, Microsoft promised to put this functionality into a separate download so nothing would be lost. Now, a couple of days ago, the download arrived: This download allows you to export and save to the PDF and XPS formats in eight 2007 Microsoft Office programs. It also allows you to send...(truncated)...

Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office for Mere Mortals: A VBA Developer's Guide to Managed Code in Office (Paperback)

(Indexed 2006-08-31):

OK, the holiday season is over, back to work! I've been away for some time, spending some quality time with wife and kids. The new and upcoming book from Kathleen McGrath and Paul Stubbs is announced on Amazon to be available Dec. 8th. Sadly enough that is only 3 days too late to get it as a gift from “Sinterklaas“ (the Dutch tradition to get gifts from this nice old man from Spain). Well ok, maybe for “Santa Claus“ a couple of weeks later?

PSS VSTO Client Troubleshooter

(Indexed 2006-06-19):

A week ago Microsoft released a tool called “PSS VSTO Client Troubleshooter”: The Microsoft PSS VSTO 2005 Client TroubleShooter tool is an application designed to help diagnose potential client-side issues when you deploy a VSTO 2005 solution. The tool scans the client computer for the prerequisites required to run a VSTO 2005 solution and reports the state of the prerequisites in the form of an HTML report. The tool also provides links to information about how to resolve an issue wh...(truncated)...

PSS VSTO Client Troubleshooter Reqs

(Indexed 2006-06-19):

I'm not sure why the supported operating system section is Windows Server 2003. Let me check if this is correct... Here is the download: I checked it out and the supported OS for the PSS VSTO Client Troubleshooter include: Windows 2000 Latest SP Windows XP Latest SP Vista Beta 2 [Image]

Gates transitioning out of a day-to-day role in the company

(Indexed 2006-06-16):

Microsoft Corp. today announced that effective July 2008 Bill Gates, chairman, will transition out of a day-to-day role in the company to spend more time on his global health and education work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The company announced a two-year transition process to ensure that there is a smooth and orderly transfer of Gates’ daily responsibilities, and said that after July 2008 Gates would continue to serve as the company’s chairman and an advisor on key develo...(truncated)...

WinFX is dead, long live .NET Framework 3.0!

(Indexed 2006-06-09):

Somasegar, Corporate Vice President of the Developer Devision announced on his blog: “With this in mind we have decided to rename WinFX to the .NET Framework 3.0. .NET Framework 3.0 aptly identifies the technology for exactly what it is – the next version of our developer framework.“ [Image] So, from now on.... no more WinFX but .NET Framework 3.0 ![Image]

Kathleen started her own blog!

(Indexed 2006-06-09):

After posting the last couple of years to the VSTO blog Kathleen McGrath is starting to post on her own blog home. VSTO blog readers know that Kathleen helped a lot of users using VSTO by creating to the point videos showing how to do your VSTO things. If you have not seen the videos before go and have a look, they are great starters if you want to see what can be done with VSTO. I wonder who is keeping the VSTO blog alive now that Kathleen found her own homebase! We have to make sure that Steve...(truncated)...

WinFX Beta 2 + June CTP VSTO 'v3'

(Indexed 2006-06-07):

A lot of you ran into the problem where you tried to install the VSTO 'v3' June CTP after installing WinFX Beta 2 and Office 2007 Beta 2. Understandable as they all where released to public on the same day. VSTO 'v3' however requires the WinFX Februari CTP! So what if you deleted this 'old' CTP after downloading the Beta 2? The februari CTP is not available anymore for downloading .... Here is your solution: Add [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWinFX RunTime3.0SetupIndigo]"InstallSuccess"=dwo...(truncated)...

KD is announcing "Cypress" for building solutions on Office 2007

(Indexed 2006-06-07):

KD Hallman, General Manager for Visual Studio Tools for the Office System: “I’m excited to announce “Cypress”, a fully-supported free add-on to Visual Studio 2005 which will give developers the ability to build applications targeting Office 2007” She announced this fully supported add-on to VSTO 2005 for building solutions on Office 2007 in the “Visual Studio Tools for Office”-Forum where you can find me answering all kinds of forum questions. Cypress wi...(truncated)...

Dutch MS Office site announced Office System 2007 Beta 2

(Indexed 2006-05-23):

The Dutch Microsoft Office site is announcing that Office Beta 2 will be available as of today:Quote:“Vanaf dinsdag 23 mei is de Beta 2 Trial versie van de nieuwe Office 2007 beschikbaar”Funny thing is that as Office TAP member we have not received the announcement yet.[Image]

And more ... Office B2, VSTO June CTP and now Vista B2!

(Indexed 2006-05-23):

I just finished my blog entries announcing the Beta 2 for Office System 2007, the June CTP for Visual Studio Tools for the Office System and now another announcement arrived my mailbox. Beta 2 for Vista arrived too! Jeeezz, the Internet will be slow the next couple of days! Everybody is going to try to get the bits to play with it as the Beta 2's are the first public releases for Office 2007 and Vista.... [Image]

More Announcements .... June 2006 CTP of VSTO 'v3' now available

(Indexed 2006-05-23):

Today not only the public beta 2 of the Office System 2007 was announced (You can get it here) but also this one: Now Available: Visual Studio Tools for Office "V3" - June Community Technology Preview (CTP) I checked the site, it's not up yet here .... but I'm sure it will be soon! In the meantime, start downloading the Beta 2 bits for the Office System 2007, it's one of the requirements to use the June CTP for VSTO. [Image][Image]

Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005 Toolkit: Requirements Authoring Starter Kit

(Indexed 2006-05-13):

A few days ago a couple of interesting articles published on the MSDN, here and here, showed how to interact with the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation server using the Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System. In fact it is a great showcase to see what you can do with VSTO 2005. The bits to download are now available at Microsoft's Download Center here Brief DescriptionLearn how the Requirements Authoring Starter Kit (RASK) can help software development teams collect...(truncated)...

Why Office 2007?

(Indexed 2006-05-01):

This is a question that is heard when you speak to all kinds of business officials. Why should we move to a new version of Office? All we need is already in the product, we have Word for Word Processing, Excel for Calculating things and Outlook to handle the mail. For one thing, Office is more than just your average word processor. Office 2007 has changed into a 'System' named "The 2007 Office System". The Microsoft 2007 Office System consists of a set of tools that is providing: Collaboration K...(truncated)...

InfoPath 2003 Software Development Kit (SDK)

(Indexed 2006-04-29):

The Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003 Software Development Kit (SDK) is designed for solution providers (SPs), value-added resellers (VARs), and other developers who are interested in developing solutions with InfoPath 2003 and InfoPath 2003 Service Pack 1. Here you can download the SDK: The InfoPath SDK includes documentation and samples that demonstrate development techniques for customizing and implementing InfoPath features, including integration with Mi...(truncated)...

VSTO 'Bible' now in Visual Basic edition

(Indexed 2006-04-28):

In October last year I wrote in my blog that I finally received the book Visual Studio Tools for Office Using C# with Excel, Word, Outlook and InfoPath. If you have read some of the user comments you know that some buyers are disappointed in having bought a book in the expectation to get a book on VB.NET but in fact received the book covering C#. For these buyers there is now good news. The book Visual Studio Tools for Office Using C# with Excel, Word, Outlook and InfoPath is now available as V...(truncated)...

Remove customization from CURRENT document

(Indexed 2006-04-19):

Up until today I was under the assumption that it was not possible to remove the customization from a document other than using the ServerDocument.RemoveCustomization interface. I have been asking around for a way to remove the customization from the current document but never got or found a valid answer to do this other than the ServerDocument thing. Today this all changed. We had a discussion on the MSDN VSTO forum (I do some moderating there) about this and neither of us knew how to solve thi...(truncated)...

Exercise 6: Adding Custom Form Regions

(Indexed 2006-04-18):

Exercise 6 in the VSTO 'v3' March CTP walkthrough is the most complicated of all walkthrough items. Not that it is a difficult item but you have to do a lot of plumbing and have to keep track before you get it to work. The fun thing of this walkthrough is that it shows the future of a very powerful option: to create your own Form Regions. The first thing you have to do in this walkthrough is to be sure you have the Developer Tab activated. It is located in the file menu, but you have to open an ...(truncated)...

Exercise 4: Synchronizing Ribbon and Task Pane

(Indexed 2006-04-12):

Excercise 4 in the VSTO 'v3' March CTP walkthrough shows you how to interact with the Custum TaskPane en the Ribbon. This is an example of how to programmatically create the Custom TaskPane instead of using the designer. Getting used to editing the XML to change the Ribbon controls is a very easy and intuitive thing to do. [Image][Image]

Exercise 3: Adding Ribbon Customization

(Indexed 2006-04-10):

Excercise 3 in the VSTO 'v3' March CTP walkthrough is an example on how to add your own Ribbon Customization in your addin. I think there is some work to do here, you have to do some plumbing basics to make it all work. On the other hand, if you know how to do it and you get experienced in this it is fairly easy to create your own Ribbon UI. [Image][Image]

VSTO 'v3' Exercise 2: Adding Custom Task Panes

(Indexed 2006-04-09):

When you are looking at the VSTO 'v3' March CTP walkthrough you have to be aware of a tiny change in bullet 8 in Excercise 2. Be sure you add the two lines to your UserControl code instead of the Application code(the application code is also using the same lines but they are already generated when the project was created). The change should be obvious, you will encounter build errors if you did not notice your intellisense to fail while adding the other codelines. 8 ... To ac...(truncated)...

Virtual Server 2005 R2: Now Available as a Free Download

(Indexed 2006-04-04):

Only a couple of days ago I blogged about creating my VSTO 'v3' testing environment using Virtual Server 2005 R2 and now Microsoft decided to provide the product as free download! Make sure you try it, it's a great product to quickly switch scenarios! Get it here:

Building VSTO 'v3' Development Environment

(Indexed 2006-04-02):

One of the things in developing in Beta, CTP and other 'not finished' software is the trouble you have to go through rebuilding your dev environments all the time. This time I want to try a new thing based on an excellent article I found written by Andrew Connell . He too is an MVP and described his SharePoint and MCMS development environment using Virtual PC with Virtual Machines. Inspired by this article the last days I have been busy building a similar environment, the only difference is that...(truncated)...

2007 Microsoft Office System Packaging and Pricing

(Indexed 2006-02-18):

Take a look at the announced Office 2007 suites, what is included in the packages 2007 Microsoft Office System Packaging . Do notice that the 'home and student' edition is without Outlook! I wonder why they decided to take Outlook from this edition! And when you decided what you will need for your purposes go to 2007 Microsoft Office System Pricing to see what pricing will do for the various combinations and or individual products.[Image]

Microsoft Office System Developers Conference 2006

(Indexed 2006-02-17):

This week I finally registered for the Microsoft Office System Developers Conference 2006. The conference is an invitation-only event which you have been nominated to attend, so if you want to go there be sure you contact your friends and get yourself invited to this get the latest updates on Office 12, or Office 2007 as they now call it in various press releases. The day before the event I hope to meet the VSTO guys and get me an overdose of information on VSTO 3.0. I am looking forward in mee...(truncated)...

Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office IntelliSense Code Snippets

(Indexed 2006-01-25):

You can now download additional IntelliSense Code Snippets for Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office here: Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office IntelliSense Code Snippets Download description: IntelliSense code snippets allow developers to easily create and distribute their own customized code libraries. Using the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment and the power of IntelliSense, inserting these commonly used pieces of code is an effective way to enhance your productivity. The sample I...(truncated)...

VSTO 2005 Language Pack

(Indexed 2006-01-21):

You now can download “Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Office System Language Pack”. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System language pack contains translated text, such as error messages, for languages other than English. Without the installation of a Language Pack, these messages are displayed in English by default. In case you need the same thing for .NET Framework 2.0 there is the “.NET Framework Version 2.0 Language Pack”[Image]

Visual Studio 2005 Automation Samples

(Indexed 2006-01-14):

Posted in the Microsofts Download section you can find a set of samples how to do some automation tasks in Visual Studio 2005 Get the samples here: Visual Studio 2005 Automation Samples Brief Description These code samples show you how to build VSMacros projects, add-ins, and wizards to make your teams more productive and to customize Visual Studio 2005 to the ways you like to work.[Image]

Webcast Excel 12

(Indexed 2006-01-12):

Today, or should I say yesterday-evening, I attended one of the many Office 12 web casts. This time a web cast the subject was dedicated to Excel 12. A lot of the Office 12 information is under Non Disclosure therefore we are not allowed to publish any of the details coming from TAP/Beta 1 sessions. On the other hand a lot of information covering Office 12 features is 'leaking' to the web and can be found at various locations. Real Office fans have already found Officezealot as the entry point t...(truncated)...

Using Excel 2003 to Manage Project Sites with Windows SharePoint Services 2003

(Indexed 2006-01-08):

Going over the 'what's new' in Microsofts Download area I tripped over this one: Using Excel 2003 to Manage Project Sites with Windows SharePoint Services 2003It is a new Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office Sample posted 5th of january : Overview This document is designed to help solution developers and architects understand how Microsoft Office Excel 2003 can be integrated with back-end systems (in this case Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services) to create powerful client-side applications thro...(truncated)...

Activate collision

(Indexed 2006-01-02):

One common thing to do, some functions require it, is to activate a workbook before doing something else. Workbook.Activate() Using this will result in a compile time warning: Warning 1 Ambiguity between method 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel._Workbook.Activate()' and non-method 'Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.WorkbookEvents_Event.Activate'. The reason for this is that Activate is both a method and an event are available on the Workbook object. To avoid a collision you have to cast the Workbook ...(truncated)...